Why Should I Valet My Car?

Why should I valet my carProfessional Car Valeting...

Simply, having your car professionally valeted saves you money

Your car is likely to be the second biggest investment you make other than your home. Regular valeting can protect your car from excessive depreciation. The difference in price between a regularly valeted car and a car in poor condition can run into hundreds and thousands of pounds!

Prevention is better than cure

The longer you leave your car without a professional valet, the quicker it's condition worsens. At Kens Cars, we can help protect and maintain you car immediately.

The benefits of regular valeting

Protect your car, and then keep it that way. A tip is to avoid car washes; we often find we have to repair paintwork damage caused by automated car washes. Our car valeters only use 100% cotton and special microfibre cloths to avoid causing this damage.

If you don't believe us, believe the trade - car showrooms regularly buy cars on the cheap and use professional valet services to increase the value of the car. These guys know that having a regular valet every few months means they get the benefit. Having a major valet just before you sell is a great idea, but regular valets are more beneficial.

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